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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Northern VA & D.C.?

For the modern family, the kitchen has transformed from a tucked away space used solely for cooking and cleaning into a hub where household members and guests gather to eat, drink, socialize and work on school projects. Kitchens now have a sense of style, and represent your overall house much than in the past. 

Because of the important role the kitchen plays in family life, it’s a worthwhile investment to keep the room up to date in terms of convenience, comfort and function. Kitchen remodeling enables you to adjust various architectural and design elements as your lifestyle needs and daily routines evolve.


How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.? | Denny + Gardner Blog


What Is the Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in
Northern Virginia & Washington D.C.?

As you begin planning your kitchen upgrade in the D.C. metro area, your first questions are likely to revolve around costs and the expected kitchen remodel return on investment (ROI). Having this information enables you to start developing a realistic budget for a project that enhances the value of your home, along with its appearance and function. This will also allow you to avoid common kitchen pitfalls while you are remodeling.

There are several factors that influence the cost to update your kitchen, including the size of the space and your anticipated scope of work. Tackling a simple renovation focused on repairs and cosmetic upgrades is a less complex and costly project than a major kitchen makeover that reconfigures the layout. If you stick with your existing floor plan, you generally won’t have to run new water, electrical, gas, and wastewater lines to accommodate changing the location of your sink, oven or other major kitchen components. 

Tackling a simple renovation focused on repairs and cosmetic upgrades is a less complex and costly project than a major kitchen makeover that reconfigures the layout. Another important factor when it comes to your renovation cost is the type and quality of materials, fixtures and finishes you select. Most major kitchen components are available at different price points, based on the manufacturer and quality, so you have the ability to choose products that fit into your desired budget and check out current trends that suit your kitchen. 

Although you won’t know the exact price of your project until you’ve completed your project plans with your remodeling team, it can help to get idea before you start. Here is an overview of the average kitchen remodeling costs and estimated ROI in the D.C. metro area:

The numbers mentioned below will give you a starting point for consideration, but the cost of a kitchen remodel can change dramatically depending on several factors, including the size of the space and your anticipated scope of work.


Minor Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel

For a minor remodel of a smaller, 200-square-foot kitchen that is functional but dated, you should budget about $40,000 to $60,000. At this level, you can paint your current cabinets or reface your cabinetry—while keeping the cabinet boxes in place if they are structurally sound—and install new hardware. The cost also covers replacing your refrigerator and cooktop/oven range with newer, energy efficient models and installing a new countertop and mid-priced sink and faucet. The floor and walls are also refreshed. In this price range, your project will include mostly midrange-level materials and appliances, but the estimated ROI is about 76%. If you choose more high-end appliances with special features or start rearranging your layout, you can expect an increase in your price.


Major Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel

If your kitchen needs more extensive work, such as replacing all the cabinetry and adding an island, the cost for a remodel is between $60,000 to $70,000, on average. If you make minor structural changes, such as rearranging the location of your major kitchen components, adding a new window and/or running new pipes for plumbing, the cost may increase to $70,000 to $90,000. At this level of remodeling, you can choose semi-custom wood cabinets along with a standard sink, resilient flooring and durable countertops. The cost also covers replacing your dishwasher, oven/cooktop and vented range hood with energy efficient options and adding a garbage disposal, built-in microwave and custom lighting. Finish off the project with a fresh coat of paint and new trim. A major kitchen remodel has an average ROI of 59% in potential resale value.


Major Upscale Kitchen Remodel

To take your kitchen remodel to the next level with high-end fixtures, features and finishes, you should expect to pay about $125,000 to $150,000. At this price range, you can reconfigure the layout, which often involves rerouting your plumbing and electrical and potentially removing walls or creating windows. Additionally, the cost enables you to refresh the look and feel of the space with upscale custom cabinets featuring built-in sliding shelves and other accessories, stone countertops and a tile backsplash. Other projects in a high-end kitchen remodel typically include adding a new built-in refrigerator, wall oven, built-in microwave unit and commercial-grade cooktop and vent hood. You can also choose a high-end material for your flooring and add custom task and general lighting. The estimated ROI for this scope of work at is about 54%. Keep in mind the more imported, customized and specialty products you select for your kitchen, the greater the investment. Extensive HVAC, electrical and plumbing work also impacts cost.


Average Cost of Kitchen Components

Another way to think about your project price is by the costs of individual components. Even then, you will be dealing with a range of prices depending on the specific product. Here is a breakdown of potential costs for your main kitchen components based on a rough ballpark range, and what details you can expect to affect your cost:

  • Kitchen Cabinets: $20,000 to $50,000
    This will vary, dependent on custom vs. pre-built cabinet options.
  • Countertops: $3,500 to $7,000
    This range reflects options such as stone, quartz, or similar. Range will increase with custom features such as waterfall edges. 
  • Appliances: $8,000 to $30,000
    There are many options in appliances, and the cost will vary as you decide between brands such as Thermador, Subzero, Wolf, and more.
  • Moving of Appliances: $2,500 to $8,000
    The moving of appliances is highly dependent on if your contractor is required to run new circuits, lines, etc. to create your desired kitchen configuration.
  • Flooring: $5,000 to $15,000
    Square-footage will determine your final price, as well as which flooring material you would like for your new kitchen – tile, wood, EVP, etc.
  • Tile Backsplash: $2,000 to $3,500
    Similar to flooring, backsplash tile costs will increase as the square footage of your backsplash increases, and variants will include the type of tile you select.
  • Cabinet Accessories: $1,000 to $5,000
    Custom-built cabinets, and even pre-built cabinets, have many options. Your final costs will be dependent on what cabinet configuration and accessory components make your space function the best for your needs.
  • Lighting: $1,000 to $5,000
    With seemingly endless options such as pendant, recessed, decorative flush mount, and more – lighting that matches the mood and aesthetic you are creating within your kitchen will ultimately determine your final cost.
  • Expanding, Reconfiguring, and/or Relocating: $30,000 to $40,000
    This could include taking down walls, changing the floor plan of your kitchen or even the floor plan of your entire home to relocate or incorporate a larger kitchen.  Additional costs will arise if there is a foundation work that needs to be done in order to renovate your area.

Generally, labor accounts for about 30-40% of your total project price, while materials take up about 65% to 70% of your budget. When it comes to your materials, cabinetry tends to be the big-ticket item, encompassing about 30% of the costs. Appliances and ventilation typically assume another 15% to 20%. Additional expenses associated with kitchen remodeling include job permits and disposal fees.


Kitchen Remodeling in Washington D.C. & Northern VA Modern Luxury Kitchen with Blue Eat-In Island and Grey Cabinetry with Subway Tile | Denny + Gardner


Kitchen Remodeling Costs vs. Value

When you invest in a residential improvement project, there is generally a payoff in terms of increasing the value of your home. Kitchen remodeling tends to be one of the more worthwhile investments, as you can recoup about 54% to 76% of your costs in potential resale value. However, the actual ROI of a kitchen upgrade depends on several factors, such as the location and condition of your home, the type of project you complete, housing trends and the state of the real estate market when you sell. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, a major kitchen remodel isn’t likely to bring a worthwhile return for you.

However, if you are intending to stay in your current residence for several more years, you gain value from your kitchen makeover through increased comfort and convenience that enhances your quality of life. Remodeling enables you to keep your home up to date and functional as your family life and personal tastes evolve.


Upgrading Your Kitchen in Northern Virginia & Washington D.C.

Whether you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen in the D.C. metro area to increase the resale value of your home (maybe you're interested in remodeling your basement too!) or simply make it more enjoyable while you’re living there, Denny + Gardner can help. Once we know your desired budget, no matter how large or small, we can work with you to develop a kitchen remodeling plan that is feasible from a design perspective and suits your financial needs as well.


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