The Denny + Gardner Process

…includes designers as well as architects.

The Denny + Gardner process is tested and proven through years of experience, and we adapt that process to the unique needs of each and every customer. Every project we undertake has its own set of circumstances and challenges, and as a result, every project requires a different set of customized goals we will strive to achieve. By developing a strong working relationship with each individual customer, we can craft a project that meets and exceeds each specific need.

Determining the project’s feasibility is usually the first step we take when you contact D+G. During that first meeting, we want to make sure that we can achieve the results that you want by taking into account your budget; any potential community, neighborhood, or existing structure constraints; and our construction methodology. We’ll also pinpoint the design style of your project — will it be a historic renovation or something ultra contemporary, or will it fall somewhere in between?

We recognize that sharing your budget with a potential contractor can be intimidating, but no matter how large or small you feel it is, sharing it helps us work more quickly toward a plan that makes sense for you financially as well as from a design perspective. A budget helps us know whether we have the ability to move walls or take on extensive structural work, and helps us move towards creating a mutually satisfying contract that all parties can agree on.

Once parameters are set and the project begins to take shape, we can decide whether the design plan can be addressed in-house, or if we need to partner with an architect. Over the years, D+G has cultivated strong relationships with numerous area architects, and can recommend an architectural partner that complements your project. Once an architect is in place, both D+G and the customer work together with the architect to make changes to a proposed design. Working together as a team, we make sure to carefully adhere to the design and budget guidelines the customer has set.

As part of the design plan, we’ll also be prepping for the construction phase of the project by selecting products and finishes and making more detailed decisions concerning the customer’s preferences. Making these decisions before construction begins helps the construction phase of the project run smoothly and reduces last-minute changes, which aids in keeping everything on time and on budget. We take the time to guide our customers through this sometimes complicated process, and because we’ve built good relationships with suppliers, it ensures that our customers get quality products at a competitive price.

Once construction begins, our customers receive frequent communication from D+G regarding their specific project’s status. The project manager on site is the customer’s single point of reference, and is responsible for addressing any concerns, facilitating special requests, relaying information about any delays, answering questions, and generally helping the customer manage day-to-day life in a work zone.

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While a home renovation can be stressful, Denny + Gardner brings a first class team that collaborates to deliver high quality craftsmanship while making the process enjoyable. They consistently offer creative solutions when minor issues inevitably arise while paying close attention to details. Their holistic approach to remodeling and integrity have exceeded our expectations for a home remodel and addition.

Mike H.
D+G Client