If You Have Your Own Architect

…we are well versed in working closely with architects.

At Denny + Gardner, we have experience stepping into projects at all points in the process, so no matter where you are, we can help. If your architectural plans are already complete, D+G will gladly provide a competitive bid for the work.

Because so many of our projects are whole-house renovations or home additions that require architectural plans, we are well versed in working closely with architects. Ideally, we’d like to form a team with you and your chosen architect or designer as early in the process as possible. This builds a strong working relationship that fosters good communication between all parties as well as helps us adhere as closely as possible to your project goals.

Getting an architect and contractor on board early also helps with the constructability of the project — for example, there are times when we can lessen the cost of an architect’s proposed idea with small adjustments or alternative building practices, or suggest a product with a proven track record for reliability, which can reduce maintenance costs and frustrations.

Acting together as a team, we troubleshoot problems and guide the customer through any unforeseen issues through effective communication and mutual respect.

My wife and I have completed three rooms, two outdoor living spaces, and a small project with Jason and Norm over the years. They are the first company I have ever worked with that truly cares deeply about the work they are performing. Their sense of design is wonderful, a close second to a professional interior designer. And the team at Denny & Gardner is a group of skilled craftsmen who have been with the company for 5, 10 or more years. I would not even consider working with another company in the NoVa area and I recommend them to friends and co-workers regularly.

Carl and Rylan H.
Repeat D+G Clients