Reston Triple Crown Rectified Porcelain Tiles

Denny + Gardner is responsible for some of Reston’s most beautiful home additions. This lovely home on Triple Crown Rd is no exception…we have expanded the foot print, added skylights, customized bathrooms and opened up the space to create a modern feel. The over all design and choices of finishes is the vision of the owners and Jon Hensley of Hensley Architects.

Here you can see Marcin, our extremely talented tile setter, laying down a sleek slate-colored porcelain tile throughout the main entrance floors. Because the tiles are a neutral color, they can blend easily with a multitude of design styles, from rustic and masculine, to sleek and modern. White base moulding will make the finished look pop, and paint on the walls will tie the theme together.

The entire process involves removing the previous floor to the subfloor (in this case concrete), leveling the floors to ensure a consistent and smooth transition between floor types (wood flooring will also be installed), and laying the new tiles evenly and securely so they last a lifetime! Here Marcin has used Ruby brand tile levelers to ensure accuracy and consistency of the grout lines. These rectified tiles are cut precisely along the square edges to be the exact same size, which allow the tiles to be placed very close together with smaller grout lines (1/16”), and a sleek modern look! It’s a more arduous process, and not many tilers are able to achieve the look the way Marcin has, but Denny + Gardner understand that the beauty and quality of the work make the final appearance worth the time and effort!

Once the tiles are laid in thin-set, they will require an overnight drying period before they can be grouted. The grout will also take another 24 hours to set, and the beautiful tile floors will be ready to walk on!

Once the tiles and wood floors are laid, the kitchen and bath cabinets can go in, along with the appliances and other fixtures. Please stay tuned as we complete this project and blog about other aspects of the job!

We welcome any comments/questions, and if you’ve used similar products, please let us know how they look and feel in your house! 

Marcin Laying Rectified Porcelain Tile