LED Tape for Lighting Alternatives

One of the more challenging parts of a renovation is finding creative ways to update lighting. At times, simply replacing out-dated fixtures with a more modern look is often a solution to the lighting problem. However, there are instances when, for any number of reasons, this particular solution is not the most desirable.

One of our favorite products to incorporate into our renovations when presented with a lighting challenge is LED tape. LED tape is a flexible ribbon of tiny LED lights that can be cut to any length. LED tape offers an enormous amount of options for unique lighting in the home. The flexibility of the product allows for a great deal of creativity where lighting would normally be problematic. Aside from the ambiance and warm glow provided, LED tape offers a highly functional lighting alternative. Because it remains cool to the touch, LED tape is ideal for installation in a home with children to avoid any accidental burns from touching hot lights.

LED Tape in Kitchen
LED tape was used in this kitchen renovation in Great Falls, Virginia.

The soft glow from the LED tape provides ideal nighttime light in any room of the house, but particularly for installation in a kitchen or bathroom. They provide a much broader range of installation options for counters when compared to other lighting options (spotlights or bar lights). Another benefit, LED tape lasts longer than traditional lights making it well worth the investment.

In this particular renovation, we installed LED tape on the underside of kitchen cabinets. Note how the light from the tape provides enough light for those late night trips to the fridge while not casting too much light.