Ashburn Marble Master Bath: Tile Shopping

     Last week I met with a client whose master bath we will transform into a carrara marble sanctuary in a month’s time. We have already decided on a custom white vanity, and on Friday we met at the tile/stone store.

     Using carrara marble as our guiding theme, we selected a carrara marble countertop which will also cascade down the side of the vanity. Keep in mind, marble is less durable than granite and porcelain, but for a careful adult, it is a beautiful and sophisticated choice for a master bathroom.
     The homeowner also decided on a 12×24 carrara marble tile that we will use for the shower walls and the wainscoting around the clawfoot slipper tub. This will be a nice feature that protects the surrounding walls from any water that splashes around the tub.
     For the floor, we went with a medium gray porcelain driftwood-like plank tile. This darker floor will serve two purposes: to offer a nice contrast to the lightness of the carrara marble and white vanity, and to help hide dust and other things! We will keep the pattern simple and linear, staggering the grout lines to keep the floor somewhat traditional, but act as a neutral base and allow the eyes to focus on the more glamorous wall tiles.
     For the shower floor, it is recommended to use a tile or mosaic that is less than 3″ inches in diameter when having a shower floor that slopes toward a centered drain. Smaller tiles and mosaics will mold easier to the slope of the shower floor, which is crucial for forcing the water to drain. Smaller tiles also mean more grout lines, which creates more traction, which will prevent slipping (if this is a concern for the client). Since we are likely going to use an off-centered drain, we found a beautiful marble basket-weave mosaic.
     For a bit of color, glamour, and shine, we found tiny square mosaics that will tie all the colors of the bathroom together. We will use this mosaic as the accent tile for the shower niche, and to add an accent strip around the shower enclosure, to top the wainscoting, and then stretch across the vanity to act as a backsplash.
     Last, we found bullnose pieces of matching tile to give the wall tiles a polished edge, and to give the floors a suitable baseboard.
     As you can imagine, just choosing the tile can seem daunting, but taking a little time to plan and compare tiles at the shop will be worthwhile when you finally get the beautiful bathroom of your dreams!
     Please stay tuned as we make progress on this Ashburn Marble Master Bath…
This is a sample of the mosaic tile we will use for the carrara master bath retreat.