Potomac Masterpiece underway

D and G has embarked on yet another custom Kitchen Remodel. The completed space will draw on classic french-country design complete with custom lighting and modern amities. The concept was brought to life by Potomac’s own Kitchen/Bath and interior designer Callie Pinot along with some great design suggestion from our customer. Here are a few before and during photos. The big reveal should come next friday. Leroy Rhoads of Denny and Gardner is overseeing as well as completing all of the carpentry related aspects of this project. Photo 4Photo 3PhotoPhoto 1 copyPhoto 1 copy 2

Reston Triple Bath trouble shooting

The horror stories of slow and expensive home remodeling projects are endless. Everyone has head one — “it took twice as long as originally estimated,” “it cost double the original estimate in the end” — you know stories I am talking about. The purpose of this blog for me is clear: to show an audience of potential clients that we make daily progress and that our crew is invested in producing beautiful, quality work. But I am also documenting our process so you can see how we resolve the daily snags the remodeling process throws at us, the snags that lead other contractors to be over budget and offPhotoPhotoJason Newton Grin schedule. Like many bath remodel projects, the Reston triple project has tight water supply runs. With many bends and turns, and valves in close proximity to other valves, a guy could get confused on which is the hot and which is the cold, not to mention use up to thirty feet of copper tubing and two pounds of various fitting easily on a single bathroom. This adds to the bottom line with additional time and materials, which is an expense the customer would absorb as a result. Enter Denny and Gardner’s working lead Jason Newton, who on this job reduced fuel, time, and material costs by using color coded PEX tubing. PEX is a non-corrosive, super strong and easy to use alternative solution for short, difficult supply runs in any remodeling project. It stores easily on a roll and uses universal brass couplers that work flawlessly at every connection point, all for a fraction of the cost of copper. And the color coding allows him to easily keep up with which is hot and which is cold. Here’s a link to show the advantages to using PEX tubing (http://www.pexinfo.com/#advantages). Keep watching the blog for more progress reports and new projects that are underway..

I couldn’t resist the candid shot of Jason I took with Norm’s nifty iPhone fish-eye lens..

Reston Triple Bath Remodel Underway!

Last week Denny and Gardner embarked on yet another sizable bath remodel in Reston Va. Designed by the customer and Denny and Gardner’s in house team,these three dated and leaky spaces will soon be turned into three classic Cape Cod style bathrooms. They look pretty bad now, but as you will see over the next three to four weeks they will become classic, luxurious and functionally sound. Keep your eyes pealed for more updates on this amazing transformationIMG 9108IMG 8244IMG 8806