DC Concrete Bath Remodel Revealed!!

These are the final photos of the DC dual concrete bath remodel.  Thanks to Lynne and Jim for the opportunity to do this work, you won’t find two more kind and thoughtful people anywhere.  What a great job this turned out to be.. Stay tuned for the updated Falls Church Kitchen ( although Norm just told me its technically Chantilly).  

Falls Church Kitchen Renovation PT.2

Jason, Norm and I dropped in on the Falls Church kitchen project yesterday to take closer look at the progress.  The Showplace cabinets looked and functioned flawlessly right out of the box. Norm made the suggestion that we install slow-closers to all the doors and I agreed. Adding slow closers to doors not only adds a custom element to the space but also extends the life of a doors finish by reducing shock each time the door closes. One of our favorite options that our designer and friend Debi Jo suggested was the addition of appliance garages. Appliance clutter can now be eliminated, allowing the big clean lines of this space to flow uninterrupted.  I included a candid shot of Norm watching Matt, one of  talented guys, carefully painting the range alcove. The combination of classic shaker style, and modern function of this kitchen is really taking shape.  I can’t wait to do a full photo spread on this one. For those that might be following our little blog I have exciting news, the final touches went on the DC dual concrete bath remodel this morning and the big reveal will hit early next week. Prepare to have your minds blown!   Thanks for taking a look.

Falls Church Kitchen Renovation

Lately I’ve been focusing a lot on old bathrooms, but Denny and Gardner is not a one trick pony. We also turn out some of the most custom kitchens around. This month brings about a nice sized custom kitchen remodel in the Falls Church area. I will give you the full back-story on the designer, and lead carpenter who are making this dream kitchen a reality. In the meantime enjoy some ongoing work photos. Stay tuned for the big reveal of the DC concrete bath redo, and this very kitchen!!!

Concrete Bathroom 101: Part 3

Even though I’m a blog-master now…I seem to be getting these photos and my story a bit out of order. This week brings a finish line for D and G’s D.C. Double concrete bath remodel. After the demo and build out came the tile install.  It’s starting to look like a modern space. Believe it or not this bathroom is loaded with hidden safety features (we’ll discuss that later). For now enjoy these photos.

shower floor

Good bye concrete, hello modern (huge) shower

Concrete Bathrooms 101: Project Progress

This is one of my favorite shower niches made by Hydro-Ban.  It’s great for keeping the shampoo and soap from mingling.

Another one of D and G’s concrete remodels happening at the moment.  Nice double niche!